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Legend Series

We’ve long been admirers of the steam bent snares created in the 1920s — 1940s by legendary builders like Leedy and Slingerland. As a tribute to one of the most admired snare drums of the 20th century, Doc Sweeney Drums is proud to introduce a contemporary take on an American classic with our steam bent shell, eight lug snares we call the Legend Series.

By blending our CNC milled solid wood shell and DS1 strainer with vintage style beavertail lugs and classic hoops, we’re offering drummers a blast from the past with the benefits of new technology.

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Species: Maple, Myrtle, Walnut

Sizes:14x5.5, 14x6.5, and “Super” Legend 14x7.5

Shell Thickness: 5/16” with re-rings

Bearing Edge: 30 degree round-over

Hardware:n Beavertail lugs, DS1 strainer, stick chopper or stick saver hoops

Finishes: Hand-rubbed oil, White Marine Pearl

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