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DSD Stave Drums Series

DSD Stave Drums Series is offered in Tiger Maple and Padauk, domestic and exotic species with incredible tonal qualities. Kits come in two configurations (optional 14x6 matching snares are available):

Model 1 (20x14, 14x13, 12x8)

Model 2 (22x14, 16x14, 13x9)

Stave Shell Construction

Shells are fabricated from strips of solid wood called staves, laid up vertically in the same fashion a cooper constructs a barrel, then turned to exacting specifications. This is far different from the majority of drum shells on the market that use multiple horizontal plies. Whereas a ply shell is constructed by layering multiple thin sheets of wood with glue applied between each ply, a stave shell is made from solid wood pieces glued vertically in its natural state.

By constructing solid wood shells in this fashion, it eliminates the deadening effect of multiple layers of glue. Having the bearing edges placed on the end grain also allows for maximum transfer of energy down and through the wood fibers. The advantages can clearly be heard in the natural resonance and projection stave shells produce.

Wood Species

Tiger Maple

Domestic species offering a slightly warmer tone than Hard Maple. Produces full low and mid-range tone with good attack.

Hardness (Janka Hardness Rating Scale 0 – 4000): 1380


African species that produces a slightly dark but clear overtone content with a low to mid-end predominance - much like many rosewoods.

Hardness (Janka Hardness Rating Scale 0 – 4000): 1970


Shell Wall Thickness

Traditional straight walls with no re-rings. Tom and snare shells are 3/8”, 20” and 22” bass drums are 1/2”.

Bearing Edges

45 degree roundover on toms and snare, full roundover on bass.


Kits come outfitted with deluxe chrome die-cast lugs, triple-flange hoops, heavy duty telescoping spurs, claws, and floor tom brackets and legs. Optional snares are outfitted with our DS1 strainer.


Aquarian Textured Coated batter heads, Classic Clear resonant heads, SuperKick I bass batter head, and Force II bass resonant head.


These drums produce a classic and pure sound that is home in any musical situation. Snare shells pop, yet are sensitive to light sticking, and the toms and bass produce tight full tones. These kits are the choice for players looking for a more focused sound with increased projection.