Our story...

The story begins with three young kids learning to play drums over forty years ago. We spent years together developing skills and passion for drumming in a local drum & bugle corps.  Drumming became our obsession; though, life eventually sent us in separate directions. Now, forty years later, our story comes full circle with the establishment of Doc Sweeney Drums. 

After long stints in different careers, we have had the opportunity to return to our passion of drumming. This became the catalyst for the   foundation of a company created to build high quality instruments for drummers looking for unique, sonically pleasing drums.  The company is named after one of those three kids — Patrick J. Sweeney, Ed.D.;  and the company’s brand was crafted by another  — Jeff MacFarlane, an accomplished graphic artist, who is now Executive Director of the organization in which we formed our lifelong friendships.

As the company’s drumsmith, my role is to create unique instruments using the finest materials available.  With our “Be One of a Kind” approach to drum building, each shell is meticulously handcrafted with custom dimensions, bearing edges, lugs, and finishing techniques.

Whether you're a live performer or a session artist, our drums will surpass your expectations.

Steve Stecher, Founder